Meredith Engle, President

BBA, Accounting - 30+ years experience 

Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor since 2007

Who we are:

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I'm passionate about helping small business owners develop their businesses by spending less time counting their beans and more time pursuing their passion. I thoroughly enjoy taking part in a trusted relationship with entrepreneurial spirits who know a lot about their product or service, but little about how to read and understand financial statements, and how all that "bean counting"​ becomes relevant information to help them make better business decisions. A reliable and well-prepared set of books going into tax season is a delight to client's CPA's and Tax Preparers, and saves their staff time (and client's money) in the efficient (and timely) preparation of Income Tax Returns. Our staff can do all the bookkeeping work for you, or we can offer one or more limited services: review your General Ledger monthly or quarterly, and/or help train your staff in the basics of bookkeeping (Billing, Cash Receipts, Collections, Accounts Payable, Inventory, General Ledger and Asset/Liability Reconciliations, Budgeting, and report preparation and analysis).  Depending on the circumstances, we can make arrangements to do our work remotely or at your business location.  If needed, we can make special arrangements for projects outside of normal business hours.

Ask about our payroll services.  We now offer payroll services, in conjunction with our other bookkeeping services, or as a stand-alone service with optional, integrated online Time Sheets or online Time Clock.  Direct Deposit is included at no additional charge.

I've been using QuickBooks for both business and personal bookkeeping since 2003, then became a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor for the desktop version (since 2007), and the online version (since 2014).  I enjoy helping others learn some "bookkeeping basics" while they are learning the "user logic" of QuickBooks.  I believe that, when you understand the reason/logic behind making a transaction, you're less likely to make a mistake, but when (not "if") you make a mistake in QuickBooks, you need to learn how to locate it and correct it.  Many clients appreciate being able to join a remote session where, together, we examine their QuickBooks file to have a brief training session to answer those "how-to" questions, customize a report, or learn how to find and correct an error.  We can schedule a day to provide customized QuickBooks training for your employees.

In April 2015, I was invited to become a QuickBooks monthly trainer for an Oklahoma non-profit entity, REI Oklahoma, to provide full-day, hands-on in a small classroom-environment,  for basic QuickBooks training for the desktop version.  It has been my privilege and my pleasure to meet and help others using QuickBooks.  Then came the requests for the QuickBooks Online version, so we have added that class, presently alternating the desktop and online versions each month, but as the popularity continues to grow, we expect to be adding in extra classes.  You can monitor our schedule and register for classes at  The Women's Business Center of REI-Oklahoma offers much more than just QuickBooks classes, and you don't have to be a woman to register or obtain benefits from any of their classes and/or projects!  Every small business owner, man or woman, should go to their website and see what events or assistance that the REI Women's Business Center might have of interest or of benefit to them.

I look forward to the opportunity to visit with you about how we can help YOU!

"Pursue your passion, NOT your bookkeeping!"- Meredith Engle, President of Bean Counter, Inc.